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We offer advice and guidance, and if you need more, we can arrange to either provide that or help you find companies that can.  

Our primary goal is to help you achieve your goals.  It's sometimes easier to say what we don't offer than what we do.  We don't have a large manufacturing plant or a big design organization with a lot of overhead.  We don't want to take over your project, we just want to help you get it  accomplished.  We don't specialize in marketing and sales, we leave those up to you. Take a look below to see what we can offer you.


We have it.

"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want."

Zig Ziglar


The design of the product can include some surprises which often include feasibility  usability, professional drawings, cost considerations, 3D Solidworks, CAD work, mechanical and electrical engineering, prototyping, ergonomics, and even green friendly. These many options can easily overwhelm you when you are doing this for the first time.


We will help you create the design that best matches your idea.



There are many choices for packaging, labeling, and fulfillment.  Clamshell, Box, thickness, colors, graphics, shipper boxes for distribution, bar codes, legal label identifications required, shipping companies, interfacing (UPS, USPS, FEDEX, DHL), processing the package out the door, etc. There is no one company that provides everything, but understanding how to separate the responsibilities, and plan the process will give you a big step forward.


We've done it many times.


Creating a manufacturing flow, purchasing raw materials, producing the product, shipping to your facility or directly to customer.  Just so many options with many pitfalls.  Do you need insurance on a ship container carrying cargo from China to USA, or does the boat carry the insurance?  How do I get through customs?  How do I become FDA approved?  What safety tests do I need for my product?


We can help you get answers to all these and more.



We have dealt with overseas manufacturing and have suppliers we trust and recommend.  Meeting manufacturing needs can be intimidating initially, but that is why we are here.   We help you understand which local and international businesses have the best options for you. Knowing what to do overseas vs. what to do locally can make the difference between turning your great idea into a real product and not being able to afford building and selling your idea.

Why reinvent the wheel, when there are many out their doing it already?

From Design to Fullfilment Shipping.  We can help you navigate the maze.